Malloc VPN: 
Privacy & Security

The only complete solution for online and on-device data security. Enjoy privacy and spyware protection at the same time. 

Private & Secure

Protect your data by detecting vulnerabilities on your device, such as jailbreak detection and spyware infection.

Real-Time Protection

Detect spyware in real time and check if your device has been jailbroken.

No-log Policy

We don't log your traffic or content of any communications. Your connection reports only save on your device. 

High Speed

Enjoy high speed performance, state-of-the-art encryption and low attack surface.

Connect to VPN servers all around the world

Easily connect no matter your location.
Enjoy privacy and spyware protection at the same time!

Our Features

Detect Spyware

Get notified if spyware such as Pegasus NSO or Predator Cytrox are detected on your device based on indicators.

Prevent CryptoMining

Protect your device from being used to mine cryptocurrencies and limit access to cryptomining websites.

Threat Block

Block apps from sending data to the internet when you don't use them to be protected from spyware.

Camera & Mic Monitoring

Monitors when and which apps use your camera or microphone.

Connection Reports

Monitor contacted and blocked domains. Connection Reports are only available on your device.

Block Spyware & Ads

Prevent advertisers from collecting your data for online profiling purposes.

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