Computing and Electronics: Antistalker is an application that detects whether the phone’s microphone and camera are being used without your consent.

The threats on the Internet have grown over time, making it important for us to be conscious of everything. Not only are viruses a concern, but applications now have a tendency to listen to us or manipulate our data without our consent. As a result, we’ll have an app that warns you when your Android device’s microphone and camera are being used by other users.

Antistalker is a surveillance feature that allows you to see if a microphone or camera is being used without your permission.

In addition to viruses, there are other important threats to the Internet and the computers we use, as previously stated. Apps that typically access the microphone or camera, even though their design is unrelated to these elements, are an example of this. This necessitates our being aware of who is using the microphone and camera from the applications we add.

This software does more than just notify you when your microphone or camera is in use. Antistalker, on the other hand, will tell you how long these modules have been busy, as well as the name of the program that used them. Much of this data is expected to keep our computers secure from any program trying to access our personal information.

This software would improve the security of every Android device by allowing us to see which apps are operating components without our knowledge.

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