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Anti stalker randomly unmutes microphone

I've been loving this app, and it's been shocking to see how many apps are recording me. However, the app seems to randomly re-enable my microphone, even when no calls were made.

I'm part of the beta program. If there's any way to see what process / app / etc is unmuting the microphone (assuming that is the cause and it is not a bug), that would be great. 

Thanks for your help!


Hi Coda, thanks for reporting this. Can you please let us know which phone you are using?

We will check it out! 

  1. @maria I've had this same issue on Xiaomi Pocophone F1. I use your last premium version to this date. I have Android 10 and Miui 12.0.3 versions in my phone. Also when I registered to this forum, Gmail classified registration link from you as spam, you might want to take a look at this. Also I think sometimes Malloc service still turns of by itself.

I think part of the reason these apps and programs that are randomly accessing our mic and cameras is due to the fact that play services has a lot more going on then being an idle program. Google Play services it's tied into everything on your phone. Unless you are very savvy with getting a different service to run your smartphone you need to accept that play services will activate whenever you do anything with your phone.  Examples are that play services activates and looks at what you are doing i.e. sending a text or accessing your contacts to make a call. Play services activates and takes a screen shot of whatever you are doing and then sends the information off to a 3rd party server. I would love to be able to debug that program and see what information it collects exactly and who it is going to. You have no privacy with a smartphone. That's just the way it is. I don't mind it so much although it does irritate me that I am being monitored whenever I use my phone but I'm not doing anything illegal so I really don't have anything to worry about. If you doubt this information please Google Play services functions and see what it says for yourself.  # Big brother