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Google Play services true function

  1. We need to face the fact that as long as Google Play services has access to every permission on our smartphones you will be monitored by this software and it does and will record everything you do with your phone. I would suggest remembering that before you engage in any illegal activities you so may want to think about the information it collects and sends off to 3rd party servers and remember that it monitors all your interactions by text and listens to your personal phone calls. If you read Googles warning it tells you that it does listen to your phone calls and monitors basically everything else you do with your phone. It does this under the guise of collecting information for their ads and if you look it up you will see that Google warned its users long ago that monitoring agencies of the American government will have access to this information whenever they wish.  Sadly you have no privacy these days and obviously you still have limited privacy even if you don't own a smartphone. George W Bush did away with your rights to privacy with phone calls and every other form of communication you use. He used terrorism as an excuse to do away with your rights to privacy by using fear of terrorism to justify taking your privacy. There are other ways to run your smartphone and get rid of Play services but this won't work for two reasons. Number one and you cannot operate all functions on your smartphone unless you grant permissions to Google Play services. The other reason is that no matter what program you use to run your smartphone you can and will be monitored if so desired by your government. They do this mostly by monitoring your wifi data. You can turn off your internet and your mobile data and possibly prevent them from having access to your activity but then you are without an internet connection and obviously can't do anything without it.  They can still ping you and know your location accurate to within so many feet from where you are standing.  I only wish I could know when they look so that I may flip the camera off every time they activate it and call them dirty pigs when they use my mic to spy on me. Lol if I could get along without my phone I'd get rid of it. Luckily I don't do anything illegal so I have nothing to worry about. Please look up the information if you doubt what I've said.