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Poppin' this threads cherry


I had a very important purpose for this post, but I forgot what that was. Oh yeah! I wanted to pop it's cherry, so, *POP* there doesn't that feel better?! Now the flood gates are open for the posts & the commencing of  meaningful discussions we'll all be better off from participating in. Isn't that just a swell realization? I think so! 

Anyways, I'll stop talking like a douchebag, & generate some text worthy of response, maybe. I hope all whom stumble onto this thread are having a fantastic day, & don't have any alerts of apps who are abusing their permissions & being just overall creepy today, tomorrow, or any day for that matter. Well except for maybe once, so that Antistalker can alert you to their shenanigans, hopefully instantly, so that you can identify any app installed on your device that requires a Karen response. Because, Best believe if I catch an app using my mic/camera without my explicit permission for only the purpose I permitted that app to do so, I'm asking for the manager of that app & they better explain, & supply me with some type of free shit. That's the deal! You soy on me, I talk to your manager & they give me shit for free. I mean valuable shit too, not no little 2 for 1 coupon, I'm saying a 4 for 1 coupon STAT. I know y'all are with me on that!

Well, I see that we as members of this community are a very rare breed only maybe a few dozen or so. So before we grow to the size exceeding the population of Bulgaria & making it impossible to get acquainted with everyone I'd like to introduce myself & hopefully cause an reoccurring introduction from all 40 of you!

I'm Dustin, I live in Seattle, Washington (Washington State for all you non Americans out there that think I live by the white house). I was born & raised in this area, which is actually quite uncommon as it does that everyone who grew up here departed at some point, but with all of the huge corporations headquartered here such as Amazon, Boeing, & Microsoft there's always been a massive influx of people from elsewhere. This has had a peculiar effect socially where most phone calls you receive & the numbers you save may be of people local to your area, but there will be a huge variety of area codes. This of course makes for a perfect Ludacris reference, bit I will spare you the corniness. Just know I got many Ho's from different area codes.

Wow, I've written a lot, but covered absolutely nothing. That of course is one of my most proficiently inept skills, I even offer a course on curiosity stream, & LinkedIn on how to increase that ability if any of you are interested. Just send $233 to my CashApp & I'll send you the link. I've been featured in Business Insider Magazine regarding this course, & business is booming.

Anywho, I'm 32, I like to avoid drive thru's, & sing real loud when I fly too, but never in first class, so when I land I land with an economic hurt ass, but at least I saved some cash I can stash & forget where that's at!.. A little tid bit about myself is if I write a rhyming sentence I may just go off on a tangent like a child. I call them keyboard freestyles, & the one so just exposed you too was actually much much longer but I had to erase most of it because it became a little inappropriate & this thread is already pushing that fact as is. So I will leave it there, & I hope to read some responses, I'm just curious for some reason & would like to see all the different backgrounds & people who ended up here. Until then have a wonderful rest of your day or night, thank you for reading my post.

Take Care,



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